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2014 Update: Boontarika has asked the group some big questions regarding art and process, what we think of art etc. And with that, I hope to revive my artworks soon! Stay tuned~

2013 Update: My Dad has kindly offered some space to hang my artworks!

2012 Updates: I just got offered a representation by Sergei Gallery! Thank you Sergei~!!

2012 Dec.: Participated in RISD Alumni Exhibit!

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hormonal Changes

That year in 2002, my body was covered with red spots;
Fever took over my body -
And the cells that were supposed to
Protect my body started attacking it instead.

Gallery Godo - "The Open Door" group exhibit, Seoul, Korea
February 1st - 6th 2007

Acrylic on canvas.



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