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2014 Update: Boontarika has asked the group some big questions regarding art and process, what we think of art etc. And with that, I hope to revive my artworks soon! Stay tuned~

2013 Update: My Dad has kindly offered some space to hang my artworks!

2012 Updates: I just got offered a representation by Sergei Gallery! Thank you Sergei~!!

2012 Dec.: Participated in RISD Alumni Exhibit!

Friday, October 28, 2005

I Remember You

If I could forget -
I would really try .

It's sometimes too bad -
That I remember you too well .

Acrylic on canvas
October 2005


I Remember

Some places I grew up in -
Had terrible terrible things .

There were nightmares -
Of buildings collapsing .

And all the faces -
That got erased .

If only I could forget -
I would forget them both .

Acrylic on canvas
October 2005


Weather Report

When I was young -
My skies were red, blue, and orange -

My father used to tell me -
Aren't we lucky to be born in Korea?

We have all four seasons!

Acrylic on canvas
90.9 × 72.7 cm

October 2005